The Barn

Designed with your horse in mind!


Comfortable Stalls 

Our 12' x 12' stalls have a leg-friendly clay base topped with full rubber mat flooring and layered with the perfect blend of shavings and pelleted bedding. They are cleaned daily to ensure a healthy environment with minimal dust. Each horse is provided two fresh buckets of water that are checked throughout the day to ensure every horse stays properly hydrated. To aid in extra cooling and air circulation during the summer months, the sides of our barn are removed and each stall is provided with box fans.

Wash Stalls & Grooming Areas

Both 12' x 12' wash stalls are outfitted with rubber brick flooring and rubber half-walls, as well as both hot and cold water and an elevated hose to maximize safety. They feature lighting and fans for faster cool down in the summer. Crossties, saddle racks, and bridle hooks allow for easy grooming and tacking up.

Secure Tack Room​

Each boarder has an assigned space with saddle rack(s) and bridle hooks, as well as floor space for any additional equipment. Our tack room is humidity-controlled and is locked when not in use.

Boarder Lounge

Our lounge is the perfect place for boarders to take a break after a great ride!

The Grounds

18.7 acres for you and your horse to enjoy!

Covered Arena 

A 60m x 20m regulation dressage arena within a 200' x 80' covered and lighted arena with the improved footing of sand and finely chopped recycled rubber. Double PVC rails completely enclose the arena to allow for safe groundwork and better visibility of the rails.

Outdoor Arena

A 60m x 20m regulation dressage arena with regularly maintained grass footing.

Round Pen

Our sturdy 20m round pen is perfect for lounging and groundwork.

Riding Pasture, Trail, & Jump Field

Our large, open riding pasture has plenty of space to exercise. Jumps are available for small course set-up.

Trailer Parking

The trailer parking area is designed to minimize mud while maximizing the life of your tires and protecting your investment. Parking is available for most trailer sizes, from bumper pulls to goosenecks.


Our office building or "headquarters" is where you can find our owner or trainer when they aren't out and about. Come say hi!

Paddocks & Pastures

Where your horse can be a horse!

Daily Turnout Paddocks

Horses in our Stall Boarding program are turned out daily (weather permitting) into one of our 24 spacious grass paddocks. Each paddock is equipped with a sizeable water tank that is scrubbed weekly and topped-off daily. All paddocks are close together to ensure a "herd" feeling is maintained. Our fencing is electrified hi-tensile, smooth wire.

Learn more about our Stall Boarding Program...

Pasture Boarding

Each horse in our Pasture Boarding program enjoys a private half-acre grass pasture and shelter to protect them from the elements. The sides of the shed are adjustable to increase airflow and shade in the summer or provide extra warmth during the winter. Each shed also includes a small area to hang winter blankets and halters for easy access. Temporary stalls inside the barn are also available for pasture board horses in extreme weather conditions.

Learn more about our Pasture Boarding Program...

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