Boarding at Topsider

Topsider Farm is proud to provide high-level horse care and a positive riding environment in the Brazos Valley.

Same Great Care, Two Different Options


Available (as of 12/15/20)

  • 12' x 12' private stall, cleaned daily
  • 6 + hours of daily turn out in a private, 1/4 acre paddock (weather dependent)

  • Box fans in stalls (seasonal in hot months)

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  • 24/7 turnout in a private, 1/2+ acre pasture
  • 12' x 12'+ shelter

  • Temporary stalling inside during extreme weather conditions

Please Contact Us for Current Pricing

What is included?
  • The value of a normal ration of quality hay & grain

    • We carry a variety of Purina grain products​​, coastal hay, and alfalfa

  • Personalized feeding plan

    • Each horse receives a custom diet based on its specific nutritional needs​, fed twice daily

    • Electrolytes in feed, as needed (weather dependent)

    • Feeding of supplements (if provided by owner)

  • Regular, year-round deworming (cost of dewormer is included)

  • Scheduling and management of routine veterinary and farrier appointments

  • Blanketing and fly-masking (when blanket, flysheet, or fly mask is provided by owner)

  • Application of fly spray (if the fly spray is provided by the owner)

  • Owner's use of Topsider Farm Facilities

What is not included?
  • Cost of hay or grain in excess of the normal ration (dependent on horse's nutritional requirements)

  • Cost of veterinary procedures, shoeing, etc.

  • Cost of medications or supplements (other than dewormer and electrolytes provided by Topsider)

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